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sercodexIn 1961 Colombiana de Mieles, COLMIELES S.A. had two brokerage departments known as the Cali Department of Customs and Buenaventura Department of Customs. The Cali Customs Agency serviced sugar mills spare parts small imports, while the Buenaventura Customs Agency serviced all sugar exports through this port. Sometime later the company changed its name to C.I. de Azúcares y Mieles S.A. and continued to work with the customs department in Buenaventura and a documentation group in Cali. However, in 1995 those departments were merged in accordance with customs regulation Decree 2680 of 1995 and Sercodex Customs Brokerage Company S.A. was incorporated through public document No. 3628 of June 30, 1995.

Today, Sercodex S.A. Customs Agency is one of the best in the sugar sector because of its background and experience, as well as being part of the group of companies that strategically work with CIAMSA and the sugar industry in general, where integrated logistics and customs processes for exports are required.

This experience has been acquired over time, providing not only a comprehensive service for sugar exports, but also for the importation of all kinds of goods from anywhere in the world, as permitted by law.

In late 2012 we achieved one of our key objectives when we were awarded the ISO 9001 Certification by SGS (a leading international firm in certification processes). This allows us to provide improved service, efficiency and effectiveness for our customers.

Furthermore, in 2013 we obtained the BASC certification as an independent company in the Ciamsa process in compliance with the provisions of the new customs regulations. This certification will provide transparency, security and peace of mind to our business affiliates by having a company which operates within the pertinent legal framework, ensuring the safety and integrity of all processes and transactions for our customers.

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