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  • Sercodex, is now available ONLINE! To give your company complete customer service.
  • This is gained hand to hand with our customers.
  • Meet our staff.
  • Our main goal, is to provide the industry an ongoing support.
  • Customs cleareance in the national and international market.
  • Custom´s documentation according to the national government policies.

Welcome to our Website


On this site you will find our company overview, description of services and information of interest; you will have access to our human resource profiles and will find some useful links. Now SERCODEX is also online!

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CIAMSA Strategic Alliance


Because two are better than one!

Today, Sercodex S.A. Customs Agency is positioned as one of the best in the sugar industry because of its background and experience, as well as being part of the group of companies that strategically work with CIAMSA and the sugar industry in general to integrate logistics and customs processes when handling exports.

This experience has been acquired over time, providing not only a comprehensive service for sugar exports, but also for the importation of all kinds of goods from anywhere in the world, as permitted by law.


About our services


  • Certificates of Origin
  • CQE - TRQ Certificates
  • Radiation-free Certificate
  • Unrestricted Sale and Fit for Human Consumption Certificate
  • Shipping Authorization Request
  • Bill of Lading
  • Export Declarations
  • Import Declarations
  • Value Statements
  • Import Records
  • CA and INVIMA Approvals


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